BF Top Charging Equipment

QINYE new generation of complete sets of BF Top charging equipment without bell is one of the key core for BF iron making process, which can distribute the burden to any position of BF throat burden level with any required burden shape. QINYE owns the intellectual property itself.

QINYE BCQS BF top charging without bell has combined many subjects together, including iron making, machinery design & manufacturing, hydraulic lubrication & control, electrics and automatic control etc. QINYE BF top charging equipment without bell breaks the monopoly of European countries on technology and market and improves comprehensive strength and competitiveness of Chinese metallurgical equipment industry.


QINYE can design,manufacture and supply complete set of BLT for 300m3-6000m3 blast furnaces. QINYE top charging equipment reference covers lots of Blast furnaces in China and abroad including POSCO-Indonesia 3800m3 BF, Formosa 4350m3BF and Baosteel 5050m3BF etc.




Receiving Chute


Material Control Gate


Drive Unit


Upper Sealing Valve


Lower Sealing Valve


Distributing Chute

Suspension arm type distribution chute
Size: 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.5m, 5.0m


Stone box
Type: WLC_ _CA10000


Type: WLC_ _CA00001




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